Polluted air the fourth highest cause of death worldwide

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There’s nothing like opening the window and breathing fresh, clean, air but how clean is the air we’re breathing right now? The gases which we are breathing in through our nose could be slowly killing us. More than 95% of the world’s population is breathing unhealthy air and the poorest nations are the hardest hit, a new report has found.

Air pollution is a huge problem—and not just for people living in smog-choked cities: through such things as global warming and damage to the ozone layer, it has the potential to affect us all.

According to the annual State of Global Air Report, published by the Health Effects Institute (HEI), long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to an estimated 6.1 million deaths across the globe in 2016. The report says exposure to air pollution led to strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer and chronic lung disease, causing many of those premature deaths.

According to the report air pollution is the fourth-highest cause of death among all health risks globallycoming in below high blood pressure, diet and smoking.

According to the report, China and India were found to be jointly responsible for over 50% of global deaths attributable to pollution. It also found that India now rivals China for early deaths from outdoor air pollution with 1.1 million being recorded in 2016. While the report found that China had made some progress in declining air pollution, it states that Pakistan, Bangladesh and India have experienced the steepest increases in air pollution levels since 2010.
Major contributors
Air pollution is now the fourth-highest cause of death worldwide, according to the report. China and India are reportedly jointly responsible for more than 50-percent of these deaths because of their pollution. In 2017, the World Health Organization reported that environmental pollutants were also the cause of an estimated $1.7 million lost lives among children under the age of five.

Majority of the deaths affected those living in low and middle-income countries.

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