Partnership, Applied Research and Inequality

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NEW DELHI : The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the UK Department for International Development, in collaboration with the Impact Initiative are organizing a conference to strengthen the partnership between researchers and policymakers, practitioners and donors. The purpose of the conference is to fight inequality in society. Beside; this conference is also aimed to bring researchers on the same platform with policymakers, practitioners and funders. Through this platform a positive contribution can be made to the researcher’s work. The researcher can make policymakers, practitioners and funders understand the relevance of the project. The major focus will be on researchers from the global South.

The aim of the conference is to generate new understanding around creating impact through
rigorous applied multi-disciplinary research. Papers will be presented by researchers on these
1. Multidimensional poverty and pathways out of poverty.
2. Post-conflict and violence.
3. Gender dynamics in labor and everyday life.
4. Governance, service delivery,and inequality.
5. Politics of the environment.
6. Urban realities and mobilities.
7. Household economic strategies and social protection.

Emphasis would be on its implications for policymakers, practitioners,and donors. The main focus area would be applied research, its impact and to include most marginalized in research to alleviate poverty. Here for the first time, a discussion will be undertaken to include the marginalized in the project. Earlier only the researcher carried out the research, its implementation was part of policymaker’s job, whereas donor funds the project and no role was provided to people for whom the policy was meant. But this conference tends to change this scenario. It is trying to build confluence between all so that a better policy and a better world could be created.

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