Drugs, Affairs and controversies: Imran Khan

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Islamabad: Pakistan’s Tareek-e-Insaf (PTI) seems winning these all spiced up general election. But there are major controversies related to Imran’s 65-year-old career.

drugs allegations
In the year 1987 Pakistani cricketer Kasim Omar accused Imran of drugs consumption. he also accused Imran of providing drugs. This allegation was investigated, but the case became filthy.

Playboy Imran
Imran is quite popular amongst women, He is also allegedly having affairs. The biggest names of these were former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto, famous actress Zinnat Aman of India and billionaire businessman’s daughter Sita White. Sita White also alleged that she had a daughter with Imran. Imran Khan always denied to these allegations.

Three marriages and Rehem khan
Imran Khan got married to Jemima Goldsmith, Rehman Khan and Bushra Maneka. Because of Rehman Khan’s book, his second marriage was greatly discussed. Recently, over the span of ten months of this relationship, Imran had said that marrying Reham was his biggest mistake.

Rehem khan allegations
In her latest publish book Rehem Khan mentioned about a reporter she met Who mentioned about a film actress Resham, who said that Transgender Dancer Remal is serving Imran nowadays. At the same time book talks about Imran’s 5 Illegitimate children’s and his physical relationships with his female party workers.

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