Nirbhaya’s rapists to be hanged, rules Supreme Court

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court December upheld the death penalty for convicts Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur, who had gang-raped Nirbhaya, in a Bus at Vasant Vihar, Delhi. All of them had filed a review petition in the court. The petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court today.

The punishments by the lower court

The four convicts of this case were sentenced to death by the lower court. The Delhi High Court had confirmed the death sentence. The accused had appealed to the Supreme Court against this. the convicts even filed a review petition. Which the Supreme Court has dismissed.

According to defence lawyers, there were two convicts who were minors at the time of repatriation. He said that one was 16 years and the other 17 years. In this case, he should have goa minor, but the Supreme Court did not pay attention to it.

What next?

The four culprits now have only one way out that is they can plead in front of the president of India in order to reduce the quantum of punishment. The President, after taking the opinion from the Union Home Ministry will decide whether the punishment should be reduced or not.

The decision reaffirmed the trust in Supreme court

Reacting to the judgment, the rape victim’s mother said the decision reaffirmed their trust in the Supreme Court. “They were not juveniles. It is unfortunate that they committed such a crime. This decision reaffirms our trust in the court that we will definitely get justice”.

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