Hyderabad Roads are in a bad shape, admits KT Rama Rao; assures better roads

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Hyderabad: K.T. Rama Rao, minister for information technology, municipal administration and urban development, did not gloss over the poor condition of the roads in the state capital, but in fact went out of his way to acknowledge that roads are bad, and admitted that he had been hauled up by his own son for just this.

At a programme attended by industry bigwigs on Tuesday, Intel chief Nivruti Rai, waxed eloquent about the transformation of Hyderabad since her last visit 10 years ago. She said that Hyderabad’s roads are beautiful, as she herself experienced during her drive from the airport to the venue.

He responded with candour unusual in a politician when he said humorously that some sections of the audience were looking at each other in disbelief after Ms Rai’s lavish praise of Hyderabad’s roads. He said there are bumpy roads in Hyderabad and he could take her on them if she wanted to see them. He said the rains over the last seven to 10 days had made life miserable for people travelling on Hyderabad’s roads.

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