Why we blink? here is the reason

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Why do we blink eyes when you hear a loud door bang?
this action is a sudden uncontrolled action and body reacts to the same to protect the eyes. This sudden question was asked by an Angus 8, from Hobart in Tasmania asked: ‘Why do you blink when there is a sudden loud noise close by?’ Professor John Furness, a scientist at the University of Melbourne, explains the situation for The Conversation
A sudden voice occurrence in the particular atmosphere instructs the brain to shut the eyes over this uncontrollable action.
This is reaction is known as blink reflex. It has an even longer name, actually. We call it ‘the acoustic startle-reflex eye blink’.
The blink happens particularly quick – in a few hundredths of a second – therefore you do not have time to rely on it.
This action has been developed by the human in a long course of time to protect eyes and increase the survival.
The sudden blinking of eyes is the warning signal from the brain that there is a high decibel in the area.

Warning signals from the brain to eyes :
The blink reflex conjointly happens once an odd or unacquainted object touches the outer part of our eye, known as the membrane. That one is termed the tissue layer blink reflex. Our eyes and ears pass messages to special nerves, referred to as the sensory nerves, to cells within the bottom a part of our brain, within the brain stem.

Why can we control the action?
Because the message solely passes through the lowest a part of our brain, within the brain stem, We do not realise the message has been sent. It happens mechanically, or unknowingly.
Try shutting down your eyes for a few microseconds and open them again. And to do this procedure message is delivered to another part of the brain which is known as the cerebral cortex.
There are many other ways which can lead to sudden blinking of eyes. Like bright light which may cause the uncertain damage to the cells of eyes so in order to protect eye cells brain warns using the cerebral cortex

Do sudden actions warns the other part of the body?
startle response also occurs in the other part of the body like neck, jaw and leg tightening make the body release hormones known as adrenaline. When we see the sudden movement or a push in the other part of the body.

Why is startle response are important?
This sudden responses in our body make us alert from any threat or any kind of information of danger, where we need to protect ourselves.
This sudden response happens in both human and animals to protect them

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