My sister gave me a new identity – “Road to success is full of thorns”

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Roshni which means ‘light’ is actually a sparkling light of the TV industry, gradually but steadily moving on the path to success, she credits her elder sister with showing her the right direction. In a chat with Deepali Agrahari, Roshni shares some of her experiences and feelings…

By: Deepali Agrahari

Dear Roshni, how did you start your career on television?

What I am today is all due to my elder sister, Monika. She was the one to encourage me to opt for this career. Lot of hard work goes into success in any field, I would in fact say that road to success is full of thorns. I belong to a middle class family of Lucknow. Television industry has been a totally different experience for me.

Your sister paved your way to television industry; please share some of your experiences of your journey so far.

I am not the only one in my family to be a part of this industry. My elder sister had been associated with it for a long time. She had keen interest in theatre acting, but my father was against it. Somehow, she managed to persuade him and then she came  here to fulfill her dreams.

Monika di came to Mumbai before me and having struggled so much, she has become a good judge of character. We all know, one has to go through a lot of hardships to sustain in this industry and  one shouldn’t  easily trust anyone. One day Monica di called up and told me that a Bhopal based Director is conducting an audition in association with Bhartiya Natya Academy. She told me to participate in it. I went there and took the  audition. After that my sister told me to come to Mumbai. Once there, I participated in several  auditions as and when advised by my sister.

Is acting your first love?

Acting and dancing both are important in my life and yes they are my passion and my first love.

Often people change their first names, when they come to this industry. You changed your surname. Any specific reason for that?

 I am a strong believer of numerology and hence I did so according to the numerological predictions.

How did your family react to this?

Initially my parents were unaware of my name change. When my father did get to know about it, he got very furious,  my uncle- aunt’s attitude also changed towards me and they  even stopped visiting my house as mostly a girl changes her surname only after marriage. Actually Verma was not going well with my first name, because of which I had to face a lot of difficulties. Besides, Rastogi’s are also part of my caste. Then one of our astrologers who is no more  suggested me to change my name from Roshni Verma to Roshni Rastogi. There was no need to change my first name as the name Roshni has a spark in it and it proved to be very lucky for me.

Roshni Rastogi

Please share what were your feelings when you got selected for the serial “Mere angne mei”?

Actually I had auditioned for the serial “Ek tha Raja ek thi Rani”, but on the day of ‘Look Test,’ I got unwell and could not go for it. Later I received a call, telling me about my selection in Star Plus’s new serial “Mere Angne mei”. That audition of mine was considered  for this serial. I was exhilarated.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I haven’t planned anything as such. Right now I am busy with my daily soap “Mere Angne mei”. Recently I have done movies “The Farewell”, “Smiley” and “Mismatch” of Applaud Talkies, whose co-founder is Mr.  Saad Khan. The movies are of International level but have not yet released.

Who is your real and reel life hero?

My father is my real life hero, while Mr Irfann Khan is my favorite actor.

What have you thought about getting married and when can we expect that?

Right now, my prime focus is my career. Unless I establish myself as a star, I will not think of getting married.

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