Socio-Emotional Development of children- Skilled Human Capital of India: An effort of Abhigya Foundation

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Bahraich- Listen, the people in the world over, the people on top will be Indians. The districts most
isolated block Nawabganj’s children presented a very colorful program at the launch report of
Abhigya Foundation “Besim 2018-19”.


Small children from the primary schools from Pachpakri and Bhagwanpur Karinga presented a spectacular performance in the form of dance. Many eminent personalities like Shri Shivam Jaiswal, son, and representative of Basic Education Minister of the State Shrimati Anupma Jaiswal promised to provide every possible help to increase the standard of primary education. He also added that “I believe that if right education is provided to children they can achieve any target”. Basic Education Officer, Shri Shyam Kishor Tripathi advised that along with the study, students should also be taken out for excursions this will help in the development of their social and mental capabilities. According to BJP District Secretary General, Dr. Anand Kumar Gond, the Abhigya Foundation’s Pilot Report is providing a glimpse to the actual situation in the villages but generally, the common people do not understand the results of the survey. He also wanted Foundation to conduct such surveys in all the blocks and districts. BJP Lok Sabha Coordinator Shri Shrinath Shukla praised the efforts undertaken by Abhigya Foundation and stated that in the coming times it is through Hindi that country can develop in the right direction. He also said that foundation is working fast and he has expectations that through foundation’s efforts there will be a betterment in Uttar Pradesh’s education system.


On Saturday Abhigya Foundation released report of 6 villages, whose highlights were:
1. 92% people do not use toilets and 41% out of those having toilets also defecate in the open. This was despite the fact that 76% of the people know that open defecation leads to diseases.2. In the 6 villages, only 1 family could be found that boils water before drinking.
3. Only 4% of the parents give time to their children and that too rarely.
4. The major source of protein for children is pulses and that too they receive only for 4 and a half days in a week.
5. 17% of the parents feel that their children should leave studies and look for the source of income.
6. In the schools, only 16% of the children could read the first paragraph in Hindi and only 1% of the children could divide 2-digit number.
7. Only 40% of the teachers could answer questions related to their curriculum. Abhigya Foundation’s founder Mr. Bhartendu Trivedi told that this is only Pilot Project report. The complete report consisting of 100 schools and spanning 10,000 children’s status will be released on 24, November 2019.

According to Mr. Trivedi, the objective of Abhigya Foundation is to develop an education system where children can be developed as “Human Capital”. He also added that the aim of the foundation is to understand and solve the problems related to primary education so that standard increases and children can inculcate better learning habits, to decrease the communication gap between the parents and the children and also to reduce the gap between the teachers and the parents so that the problems associated with the education system can be better solved, and also to prepare an intervention design where the money that needs to be spent reduces and the design is easily replicable. For holistic development of children, we included schools, teachers and parents who are the basic pillars in a child’s life.
Our focus is to develop social-emotional quotient in children, which helps them in making decisions, to understand different emotions and also to come out of difficult situations. Abhigya Foundation is the first organization in Uttar Pradesh which is working in this direction. Also, it will be providing iodine and iron-fortified TATA salt so that a child’s mental and learning capacity can increase.

The function was ended with National Anthem sung by school children. After this Basic Education Officer Shri S.K. Tiwari distributed prizes amongst children and some children were given special prizes for their unbelievable confidence. This program was also attended by BJP District Minister’s Shri Jai Prakash Sharma and Shri Manjeet
Singh Walia. Along with these were also present Pradhan of village Bhagwanpur Karinga, Shri Kalika Prasad and teachers from the schools in the 2 villages.

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