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Soya Beans cause Infertility!

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India is a major producer of soya bean in the world market. Soya bean is made up of 33% protein, 22% fat, 21% carbohydrates and 12% water and is a rich source of protein, fiber, and calcium. It has been the center point of various researchers with some providing a positive result whereas some giving a negative one. A research on the topic has made a connection between soya consumption and infertility among males. A by Deepali Agrahari of :

A recent research has claimed that consuming soya bean increases the chances of infertility in males. According to the study published in the ‘Human Reproduction’ magazine, males who regularly eat soya products have very low sperm count in comparison to other males who do not consume soya beans. Isoflavones present in the soya bean is the root cause of infertility in males. This research was conducted by Dr. George Shewaro and associates of Haward School of Public Health.

World Production of soyabeans
World Production of soyabeans

According to the study in the journal, ‘estrogen’ is found in great amounts in soya beans which ultimately lead to increase in the hormone level over and above the normal range. Researchers from Britain differ in their view point in this regard as according to them Asian males eat a lot of soya and do not suffer from infertility. But they do give a word of advice, consuming a high level of soya beans can result in infertility. Consuming soya beans do results in problems of hormonal imbalance, lack of libido, low sperm counts in males. Whereas males who suffer from the problem of hair loss are advised to consume more of soya bean to inhibit production of testosterone and estrogen in the body whose over production results in hair fall.

A Word with Doctors and Specialists

Dietician Dr. Smita of Lucknow, says that ‘Phytoestrogen’ present in soya beans has been proven to increase feminine qualities in an individual. Consuming more of this element may lead to a decrease in libido and fertility both in males and females. Fertility or virility is basically based on the level of testosterone and estrogen in the body. Consuming more than 20-25 grams of soya bean product per day may decrease testosterone level in the body.

Sexologist Aanand of Lucknow, advices that couples who are planning for a child should not consume soya bean because it leads to decrease in sperm counts and kills the libido. Pregnant women should consult their doctors before consuming soya bean products.

Dr. Anita Chandra Family Planning Expert of Lucknow, says that consumption of soya might lead to hormonal imbalance in females also. Consuming more of it will lead to more feminine features in males.

Soya Bean Decreases the Level of Cholesterol

Soya bean oil consists of Linoleic acid in abundance which are the necessary fatty acids for the body. Soya beans also consist of Isophlavone, lecithin and phytosterol in appropriate quantity. Various researchers have studied the effect of soy protein on plasma lipid and cholesterol and the result were positive.

Rich in protein

Soya bean is a very good source of protein.100 grams of soya bean contains protein equivalent to 200 grams pistachio, 1200 ml milk or 7- 8 eggs. Soya bean is also a rich source of iron which is beneficial for anemia patients.

Soya in daily life

Soya bean is associated with the majority of Indian households. Soya bean oil, Soya granules, Soya Tofu, Soya milk, etc. are consumed in large quantity. The estimated consumption of Soya oil in India is 6 Million Ton in 2017. Whereas in 1964 it was almost zero.

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