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Sports College Playing With Future of Sportsmen

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Guru Gobind Singh Sports College of Lucknow is supposed to work for the betterment of sports and players in the State but the reality is vastly different. The college has no facilities for practice, doesn’t have proper coaches and students live in dilapidated hostel. A report by Shivam Agnihotri of

The Sports College of Lucknow has failed in providing a sports friendly environment to the aspiring sportsmen. The residential areas of the players have no proper electricity or water, rooms have leaking ceilings and no cleanliness. Players of the college are even asked to do menial jobs like maintaining the training area.

No Proper Diet for the Players

The College receives grant from the Government to provide better facilities to its students but in reality this amount does not reach its intended target. Government sanctions Rs. 225 per player per day for their proper diet, which includes proper dishes with all the nutrients. In reality players are not being given proper food. As per players, they just receive eggs and bread for breakfast, in place of nutritious dishes and protein drinks. Lunch and dinner provided to the players is too oily which poses a threat to the health of players.

Reality Check of Hostels

The hostel rooms are shabby and dingy with no proper light and water facilities. Rainy season is the worst as water comes in from the ceiling and the rooms get all moist and water logged. No action is ever taken against it and the players complaining about it are threatened with expulsion. The condition of the gym and training area are even worst. The equipments are too old and any miss-happening can occur during work out sessions.

Non-availability of Fund for National and International Players

National and International Medal Winners were not given any participation money from the Uttar Pradesh Government in the last year. The players also accuse the Government for not providing any Winning Money.

Winners of Asian Championship Ajay Kumar Saroj, Sudha Singh, etc, accuse the Government of not providing them participation money and no appreciation for their victory.

No Medical and Psychologist Availability

Coach Kamal Kumar Singh provides a reality picture of the medical services in the sports colleges of Uttar Pradesh. The various colleges in other states provide psychologist facilities to its players and this is the place where players of Uttar Pradesh colleges lack. The student’s mental facilities take hard a dent when they are not able to take care of their stress level because of the non-availability of psychologist. The medical facilities are non-existent in the colleges and the players have to visit the general hospitals in the city to take care of their medical problems.

No Facilities for Preparing of Competition

International Athlete Monika Caudhary- No appreciation is received from the State Government whereas the Central Government provides money appreciation for the players. Players of other states are given plane tickets while we have to travel by train for days, and sometimes we even miss our precious training time.

Coach Kamal Kumar Singh- The synthetic training tracks and other equipments are not up-to-date and no competition can be held on them. These facilities can only be used for practice and no official competition can be held on them. The living quarters of the players are matter of concern and should be paid attention to as early as possible.

Promises by the New Principal

After the donation news became a national scandal, then Principal Anil Kumar Bhanot was removed and Ajay Kumar Gupta was appointed as the new principal. He has taken it upon himself to improve the condition of the college and to bring in new coaches to improve the sports conditions in the college.

More Admissions Than Available Seats

The trend of the last four years signifies admissions more than the authorized seats in the college

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Most of these extra admissions don’t even pay their fees.

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