Swapan Seth’s love story will help you gain back the lost trust in love

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New Delhi: This is the story of a Kolkata-based musician and painter Swapna Seth, who now lives in Delhi. His wife has been suffering from cancer for the past 16 years. Swapan has been collecting money for his wife’s treatment through his music and painting for the last 16 years. Swapan visits different cities and is happy serving his passion for music and painting, earning money for his wife’s treatment.

Swapan initially played his violin outside a coffee house in Connaught Place in Delhi, someone uploaded his video on the social media. This video of his Performance went viral on Facebook after President APJ Abdul Kalam’s kin Mr.Sranjanpal Singh posted it on his social media handle.

After watching this video, many people came forward and helped him. Seventy five-year-old Swapan’s wife is currently undergoing treatment in Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital. He wanted to earn the money for his wife’s treatment, He never spread his hands in front of anybody. His skill and talent helped him pass through this difficult journey. 

In a conversation with The2is.com, Swapan said that he does not play the violin for money, but rather to please people.  He believes that when he satisfies people through the chords of his violin their blessings and good wishes reaches his wife and will ultimately help her recover soon. Swapan Seth’s painful love story and his struggle to save his beloved wife might help people gain back their lost trust in love.

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