The calculations through which Yeddyurappa can prove his Majority

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Bengaluru:  The one-day-old Karnataka government under Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has been ordered by the Supreme Court to hold a floor test at 4 pm Saturday to prove the vote of confidence. Yeddyurappa has very less time to prove the majority but politics is all about possibilities. Hence in this situation, there are two ways in which Yeddyurappa can prove his majority.

First calculation

The BJP has 104 MLAs and has also won the support of 1 MLA  from ‘Others’. they actually need 111 MLAs to prove their majority, Hence in this situation, if Yeddyurappa manages to win the support of  6 more MLAs from the Congress JDS wing he will be able to prove his majority in the assembly.

Second calculation

If the BJP fails to manage the support of these 6 MLAs then they will have to decrease the number of MLAs during the floor test.  for this, it is necessary that out of 222 MLAs 14 of them back out from voting because this would bring the total number of MLAs in the assembly down to 208 and the BJP would easily prove its majority with its 104 MLAs in the house.

Voting to be carried out in two more constituencies

Karnataka Assembly elections are still pending in two of its constituencies, which are to be held on 28 May. Even if the BJP proves its majority in the Assembly tomorrow according to the above calculations still it would require a win over these two constituencies in order to maintain that majority.

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