Deadpool 2 is giving instant gartification to comic-book nerds

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The first Deadpool film, released in 2016, was reportedly made in a budget of just over $50 million. It went on to collect more than $780 million, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time worldwide. This time, Deadpool 2 sets out, to recruit some allies. To form his own superhero team: the X-Force. That’s like instant gratification for comic-book nerds. For all the others, let’s just say, it’s like an even more rugged version of the X-Men, which, in the words of the founder himself, represents “a dated metaphor for racism in the ’60s” that is also “blatantly sexist”. Deadpool 2 doesn’t take long to set the X-Force in motion although the whole recruitment process as well as how the recruits go about their business is, without a doubt, the biggest highlight of the film. Makes you wonder what in the world was Apocalypse and Fox thinking while recruiting his batch of horsemen in that sad 2016 X-Men film.

Deadpool is different. It is unpredictable. Comic book fans, of course, knew that, but it was the other lot, that the folks over at Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox, had to surprise. The box office numbers seemingly suggest they did quite well.

Which brings us to Deadpool 2. The sequel brings with it a $110 million budget, a new director (David Leitch of John Wick fame) and great expectations. And now that I’ve seen the film, I can say one thing, it’s as good if not better. If the original was all about a character who was all sass and almost no smarts, the sequel is all about him growing up. Deadpool 2 is both smart and sassy, and that is what makes it tick. The Merc with a mouth is still a slave to his arrogant bravado but he’s man enough to doubt himself now

Deadpool 2 can be best summed up as an R-rated avatar of Marvel Avengers: Infinity War. A satirical take, if you may. Both the Avengers and the X-Force are embracing a future where the earth’s in a coma/or on the verge of extinction, and Josh Brolin is somehow, connected to both of them. Coincidence much

Deadpool 2 does not better the original. But it’s as good, and as satisfying, and that’s good news for superhero sequels. That’s because superhero sequels have had a history of disappointing moviegoers. Even more so in the case of films belonging to the X-Men universe

Deadpool 2 changes that, as it changes a lot many things in the Marvel universe.

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