A humble restaurant; driven by the desire to feed everyone

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Yashodamma originally from Karunagappally, Kerala has a sumptuous feast on offer at a small hotel which is located at a distance of 2 km from the Kollam railway station. And the most surprising fact is that you are free to pay whatever you feel like.

This venture was started out when a few students living near her home requested her to cook for them. Today, her extremely popular eatery is overrun with people during lunch hours, who come to fill their stomachs with a hearty meal.

Lunch here comprises fish curry, fish fry, cooked tapioca, puliserry, thoran, chamanthi, and pickle along with rice. With no cash counter or billing system, Yashodamma doesn’t charge anyone for the variety of delectable dishes prepared by her and only accepts what people can afford to pay.

Yashodamma humbly serving home cooked food

“If I was rich, I will serve food to all without taking even a penny. Why do we charge for a one-time meal? Let them pay as they wish. I think satisfying one’s appetite is the most valuable noble action,” Yasodamma was reported saying by Mathrubhumi, a local daily.

While the hotel can feed and accommodate ten people at a time, the selfless lady cooks and serves food to over fifty people every single day with no help or assistance.

She starts her day at 6 o’clock, and except for a fish seller lady who cuts and cleans the fish for her, she manages everything on her own quite well. For her, seeing happy faces of people who have eaten her home-cooked food is enough to continue day after day.

In the time when most restaurants are hiking their prices and making it difficult for the common man to consume food outside, Yashodamma is driven by the sole desire to feed anyone who knocks at her doorstep.

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