Replacement of deadly plastic is here and it’s recyclable too!

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New Delhi:  Scientists from America have been successful in making one such advanced plastic that can be recycled by ‘innumerable’ times. According to the scientists, the plastic is so strong and durable that it can compete with normal plastic. Only 5 per cent of the total plastic used in the world is recycled.

How was the substitute found?

Researchers from the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University have discovered this unique plastic. Professor Eugene Chen, a chief author of this research report, said that this new plastic isolated from the normal plastic made from petroleum is that it can be converted into a realistic realm of small molecules and make new plastic repeatedly. This report has appeared in the Science Journal. According to Professor Chen, this research has so far been done only in the lab.  There’s a lot of work to be done to bring it to the level of production.

How was it created

According to Professor Chen, the polymers can be chemically recycled and they can be reused. Scientists have discovered light, strong, durable and temperature resistant polymers like plastic. With this technique, the waste plastic is melted to raw material after which it is recollected and converted into a brand new plastic. Plastics made from this can be used again and again by changing its state of its true molecule. Old-generation polymers were soft enough with plastic but there is no such problem in this polymer. Plasticization can be made only by using catalytic at room temperature and in very small amounts. The astonishing fact is that it does not require any harmful chemicals to be made.

Advance plastic has been made before

Professor Chen and his team have already made advance plastic in 2015. That too was a completely recyclable plastic, but it was a little soft. To create it, a very cold environment was needed and the heat-resistant capacity of that plastic was also very low. However, all these shortcomings have been eliminated from the new plastic.

Revolutionary discovery for the world

In this report of Science journal, the finding has been described as an important step towards ending the problem of plastic from earth. According to the report, such progress can lead to a world where plastics can be seen as raw material even in the last phase of their lifespan. This means that when it comes to the plastic market, it will not need to be thrown into the trash and we will be able to use it time and again.

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