These killer bees will chase you till they kill you

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London:  These are the most dangerous bees in the world. Teasing or disturbing them might have deadly consequences. These bees can chase you for several kilometers that too in swarms of millions. With every sting, many poisons reach the body and millions of stings are started, doctors are sweating to save it. Let’s tell you  what kind of bees are  are they and why are they so dangerous.
Where are these killer bees from?
These dangerous bees are from Africa. There are hundreds of species of bees in the world, but there are hardly any species which are as dangerous as African bees. These bees are so dangerous that they are called “killer bee”. Each year in Africa and the United States and Britain, this species of bees kill hundreds of people. Not only human beings, African bees also sting the animals and kill them.


How did they reach there 

Now you must be thinking be thinking that the honey bees, named Killer Bee, in Africa, finally reached America and Britain. In fact, these bees were brought to Brazil in 1950. African bees make a considerable amount of honey. That is why they where brau brought to Brazil. One day a herd went out of the b-hive some way and in a few days the species began to appear in America and Britain.

What makes these African bees so dangerous

São Paulo University, Brazil has researched on these African bees. Research has found that these bees have considerable amounts of neuropeptides in the brain. Because of this, he is very furious. When the amount of neuropeptide is high, humans and animals become violent.


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