This is what made Rajaram class apart from other government school teachers

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Karnataka: Prevalently education is one of the major concerns in India. All of us raise questions at the education system and the government but seldom do we see someone taking any positive step towards the betterment of the scenario. Here is a person who has taken a big step to end the shortcomings at a government school. 

Rajaram Naik, a resident of Karnataka, is a teacher in Barali, a government school in Udupi. In view of the problems faced by the children of his school he took a step which is really commendable. 

The students at Rajaram’s school had stopped coming to school. In order to know the reason why have, they stopped coming to school Rajaram went to meet the children’s parents, he then discovered that the children were unable to come to school because there were no vehicles available to ferry the students to school. As there is a forest falling in the middle of the road it is not safe to go through it said the parents.

Rajaram tried a lot to solve this problem, but he cooudn’t get abus for his government school. After this, he took a loan from the bank and bought a bus for the school. The next problem was to keep a driver and give him monthly salary. When the school was not prepared for it, Rajaram learned to ride the bus and got a driving license for himself.  Rajaram now every morning rides the bus, picks the children from the village and drive them to school daily.

In fact, very few people in the society think like Rajaram, he truly is a hero of the society.

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