Transgenders can now get orgasm, know how…

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New Jersy: A team of doctors from New Jersey, USA have ignited a ray of hope for millions of transgenders around the world through a historic female-to-male gender re assignment surgery. Recently a transgender patient named Stephens from New Jersye has got a penis and scrotum after doctors used skin from his forearm for the surgery.

Who is Elijah Stephens:

Ever since Elijah Stephens, 28, was 6-years-old, when he discovered that his physical anatomy did not match the way he felt. Earlier this year, Stephens was able to undergo New Jersey’s first phalloplasty surgery, and he couldn’t be happier, reported NJ Advance Media.

The penis was developed using his forearm’s tissue:

According to the Rutgers centre for Transgender Health during the 14-hour operation, surgeons disconnected and reconnected tissue from Stephens’ body to create a penis and scrotum, according to the Rutgers Center for Transgender Health.

In order for Stephens to have a penis, doctors took the sensory nerves of the forearm tissue and attached it to the sensory nerves of the clitoris. His scrotum was constructed from labia tissue. Dr. Jonathan Keith led the 15-member surgery team at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston.

How functional is the Penis 

Since doctors used nerve tissues that were highly sensitive, Stephens has been able to urinate and achieve orgasms (which is still neurologically a female orgasm), reported NJ Advance Media. Stephens has been amazed by the results. “I was overjoyed … everything was perfect,” Stephens was reported saying by NJ Advance Media.

Although Stephens is very happy with the results, he’s had to learn how to walk and sit with this new attachment. He even called upon his brothers at one point to get their input on how to get used to the weight of his new penis.

Stephens feels his life complete now

In several more months, Stephens said he’ll undergo another procedure to receive balloon implants that will allow him to get an erection. “Life begins after surgery. My life didn’t start until this was done. And now I’ve hit the ground running,” he was reported saying by NJ Advance Media.

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