Kim meets Trump, while the world still waits

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Singapore: The whole world is looking forward to the meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong, on June 12 in Singapore. The whole world’s eyes are on this meeting because Kim has kept nuclear bombs and because of this there is a threat to all the countries including the US, but the big news is that Kim Jong Un and Trump have already met before June 12.

The look-a-like of  Kim Jong and  Donald Trump

Where did Trump and Kim meet:
Trump and Kim Jong have already met in Singapore. It might be a bit surprising to you that if the meeting was to be held on June 12, how could it be possible that the two leaders have already met? Let me tell you  that the once appearing as  Donald Trump and Kim Jong in the picture, are not real. Both of them look a likes of Trump and Kim, but their names also do not match Trump and Kim.

Who are these look a like of Trump and Kim:
If you look at the picture carefully, then you will find that the face of both of them with real trump and Kim gets a lot, but now you are giving full information about both of them. Kim Jong is the name of the person who looks like him Howard X They are musicians and live in Australia. At the same time, the person who looks like a US President Donald Trump is named after Dennis Allen. 66-year-old Denis Allen is also a musician and lives in America.

Howard was detained
When Howard, who looks like Kim meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, arrived in Singapore, he was taken into custody at the airport. Afterwards, immigration people left Howard on the condition that he would not be at the hotel where Trump and Kim would be meeting.

Where is Trump and Kim meeting?
US President Trump and Kim Jong have to meet and talk at the Santosa island. There will be a conversation between the two at Five Star Kepala Hotel. Trump will stay at the Shangri-La hotel, while Kim Jong has been arranged to stay at the St. Regis Singapore Hotel.

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