U.S. sees threat to Pakistan stability

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  • Visiting Secretary of State told of need for ties with Iran and North Korea

The United States is worried that emboldened terror outfits could threaten the stability of the government of Pakistan, visiting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said here on Wednesday, explaining he discussed the issue with Pakistan during his meeting in Islamabad.Tillerson did not pull any punches with Pakistan

Mr. Tillerson also said the U.S. has no opposition to legitimate business with Iran even as External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj defended New Delhi’s ties with Tehran and said India will also continue to have its embassy in North Korea as the mission may serve the purpose of dialogue.

“We also are concerned about the stability and security of Pakistan’s government as well. If these terrorist organisations enlarge their numbers, strength and capability within Pakistan’s borders, then these can lead to a threat to Pakistan’s own stability. It’s not in anyone’s interest that the government of Pakistan is destabilised. We have a mutually shared interest in not just containing these organisations, but ultimately eliminating them,” said Mr. Tillerson, at a joint press conference with Ms. Swaraj.

He emphasised that the U.S. wants to work with Pakistan, as this is also in the interest of the country and the larger region, to eliminate terrorism emanating from its territory.

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