Vijaywada girl becomes world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777

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31-year-old Anny Divya – a female aviator has dared to break the glass ceiling, to inspire millions who wish to do the same. It is always said that if  our willpower is strong, regardless how bumpy the road is the heart can always achieve what it desires. Anny Divya, has a similarly encouraging story, world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777. Born in Pathankot, Anny wanted to become a pilot ever since she was a child. However, her journey towards attaining that goal wasn’t easy.

In a conversation with an english daily, Captain Anny Divya, who is currently based in Mumbai, reveals how she battled her way to achieve success. “I always wanted to become a pilot, from my childhood,” Divya was reported saying by  CNN Travel. “I didn’t have anybody around who knew about piloting at that time. I had no guidance….I just wanted to fly.”

Similiar to every other successful story, Divya’s passion was fueled by the help and assistance she got from her parents. She had been working towards her dream from a very young age and eventually succeeded when she was sent to learn flying at the age of 17.



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