We aren’t joking, these Indian cities will vanish after 81 years !

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New Delhi: 81 years from now, a large part of our country is going to be submerged in the sea. That is, with the beginning of the year 2100, India’s map will change. Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Goa might disappear from the map of India. Not just India but the existence of many other cities would be uprooted from the globe.

Will all of the landmass submerge in water

According to a report published by 84 researchers in a  science journal Nature. the report contains figures related to glaciers melting in Antarctica from 2012 to 2017. According to this research, glaciers melted in Antarctica over the past five years is 2 billion and 19 million tonnes. If we look at the figures from 1992 to 2017, a rise of 1 centimetre has been witnessed in world’s water level due to the melting of glaciers. 

What will happen in the year 2100

According to Professor Andrew Shepherd of Leeds University, the pace at which ice is melting from Antarctica until 2100 that water level in the sea will rise by 15 centimetres. If we do not try to stop global warming, then the sea level will rise up to 190 ft and the whole land mass would submerge.

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