Weekly Horoscope (January 22 to January 29

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Vivek Arora



  Aries: This week will be auspicious for you. There will be chances of ending the old differences with family members. Days will happily pass. If possible, take a little jaggery this week, it will be beneficial. 24th and 25th days are very suitable for any auspicious work.

Taurus: This week will have mixed results for you. You might suffer high expenditures and low income. There are chances of the family happiness graph coming down. Do not travel if possible. Do not wear red coloured clothes this week. Avoid doing any new work on the 26th.

Gemini: For Geminis, this week will be good on the health front. There will be a little struggle but you will definitely achieve success in whatever you do. It would be good to feed any animal. Start new work on 27th

Cancer: This week will be beneficial for employment. You may get less support from your female counterparts. Advice from elders would help you achieve success on the work front.  A get together with the family member might be beneficial. Do not start with any new work on 23rd.

  Leo: Family happiness graph might rise. People who have high blood pressure issue need to be more vigilant this week. Do not make any new investment. Do not buy any new electronic items for the home. Do not start with anything new on  22nd.

Virgo: It won’t be a much beneficial week on the work front. Even relentless efforts might not reap you positive results. If you work in the field of art then this week might be fruitful. If you are longing to buy a new vehicle then this week is auspicious for you. Avoid indulging in any new work on 26th.

Libra: Tasks related to government will be successful. This week is auspicious for worshipping divine powers. You may suffer seasonal disease, so focus on health. It will be beneficial to do any new work on 23, 24 and 25.

Scorpio: This week will be full of work stress. You might spend a lot of time in idle talk. This week will be good health wise. Do not start with any new work on the 24th. Your younger siblings might face some problems, do help them.

Sagittarius: There is a possibility of getting back your monetary loans this week. Social prestige might increase. The money will be profitable in the business. To make the week auspicious, start the day with turmeric.


Capricorn: There may be some mental anxiety due to excessive expenditure. This week may be a bit lazy. Employment of employers will remain organized. Everyone in the house will be happy. You can any new work on 26th and 27th.

Aquarius:  There will be quite a number of guests arriving this week. Social prestige will increase. If you are planning to build a house, then this week is auspicious for starting the work. Do not start with any new work on 25th. Feeding a hungry person sitting outside the hospital might be beneficial.

Pisces: This week will be full of physical pleasures for Pisceans. You might receive support from siblings. If there is a need to take a loan from the bank for any work, then this week is a good time. Reduce sugar intake this week.


Scorpions might be successful on the love front.This is a favourable week for those scorpions,  who want to propose, it is more likely to be in favour of you. Especially people related to professions such as medicine, pathology, Armed Forces, if they propose, then there is more to the possibility of being in the talk.


Vivek Arora

M.A.  Astrology




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