When Woman says enough is Enough, She Meant So.

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NEW DELHI : Men leave quickly but they return, women take longer to leave but if they leave, they never return.

Generally, women tend to be more forgiving and patient. They usually take a lot of terrible treatment from people before she actually blows the lid. However, once her patience breaks than there is no looking back.

Usually, women are believed to be fickle-minded and indecisive. Their forgiving nature and toleration power are taken for granted, but what is forgotten is the fact that once her toleration limits are reached, then it’s a permanent goodbye.

She is not going to fickle-minded anymore. Once, it seems to her that she had enough of your nonsense, then she is simply going to walk away. You are never going to see her in your life and nothing you would do can bring her back to your life.

This is especially true as far as dating is concerned. In the starting woman can show limitless restraint. She can watch you screw up on her time and time again, you could do so many wrongs to her, make her feel bad but she will find a way to forgive you. But, once she has decided that she would not be able to tolerate you then there is no looking back and there is nothing you could do to win her back. This is precisely the reason why you should not take your woman’s patience for granted.

If she’s is giving signals of being tired with you, mend your ways, change her mind before it is too late. You still have a chance to repair whatever bonds you might have damaged and broken with your attitude.

So, you need to make sure that you are treating her right and doing your absolute best to keep her in your life- because that’s what she deserves: nothing less than your best. So, fix yourself before it is too late, don’t be so naïve so as to believe that you will be able to make her go back on her decision to leave you. It doesn’t work like that and here’s why. This is because it was not easy for her to let you go, but she did and she has a fair idea of the paininvolved in the whole process. So, she’s never going to allow herself to go back to square one. She will not put herself in the same situation again. She knows there is no reason to look back, so she’s looking ahead. Though it is difficult to leave at first it gets easy fairly quickly. Moreover, it is tempting to start afresh rather than giving things another try.

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