UP: Woman kills newborn daughter, stuffs body in washing machine

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Ghaziabad: A 22-year-old woman has been arrested from Ghaziabad’s Patla town for allegedly smothering her newborn girl because she wanted a boy, police said on Monday.”Aarti, who gave birth to a baby girl just three months ago, said she was frustrated and angry at herself for not having a son,” Senior Superintendent of Police Akash Tomar said.

“In a fit of rage, Aarti smothered the infant with a pillow on Sunday, after which she stuffed her baby’s body in a washing machine,” Tomar said.He went on to say, “Though Aarti initially claimed that the infant had been kidnapped, she later confessed to her crime during questioning by the police.”The woman’s family has claimed that they had never pressured or threatened Aarti for a boy, the police said. The case, however, is being investigated, they added.

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