A Big Butt is a Healthy

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By Mukta kaushik

NEW DELHI :  A study conducted by scientists from the University of Oxford revealed that women with larger than average butts are not only intelligent but also resistant to chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart problems. This is because women with wider backsides tend to have a lower level of cholesterol and more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.Big butt requires an excess of Omega-3 fats, which catalyze brain development.

ABC news quoted Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos’s statement, “Women with more fat on the buttocks have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose”. Thus, women who primarily have pear-shaped bodies are healthier. For this study information frommore than 16000 women was collected.

Big butts favor leptin levels, which is a hormone responsible for regulating weight and dinopectinahormone that is acts as anti-inflammatory, vascular protective and anti-diabetic. Further, adipose tissue in the buttocks traps harmful fatty acids. This prevents cardiovascular diseases. Similar studies conducted by Universities of California and Pittsburgh also came to conclusion that“Women with bigger butts,wider hips and smaller waists may have a longer life expectancy. However, this is only in the case of natural buttocks and does not include fake butts or Brazilian butt lifts

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