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I won’t give up until I see a better tomorrow

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A teenager sets a unique example by resurrecting her family after being totally shattered due to the untimely death of her father who suffered from chronic cancer. Devastated by the miserable condition of his family, her younger brother committed suicide. Yet she managed to herald a future for herself. Heart-rending but inspiring story of a young garment worker from South India…

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garment worker

18 year old Anusha was crushed by the excesses of life not once but multiple times. Hailing from HaibbakVaadi village of Mandya district, Karnataka, both her parents toiled hard to make the ends meet until her father was struck by cancer. Her mother tried beyond her capacity to save her bedridden husband, selling-off all the valuables including ornaments such as mangal-sutra(a necklace worn by married Hindu women) and earrings but still couldn’t meet the treatment expenses. Predictably she ended up borrowing from the local moneylenders but she still couldn’t save his life and Anusha’s father ultimately succumbed to cancer.

By that time, their financial situation was such that the family didn’t have the  money even for the cremation.Some people came forward to help and somehow the rites were performed!

From Bad to Worse

“Life, difficult as it was, turned unbearable when the money lenders started demanding their money back soon after father died.Left with little choice, my mother decided to repay the debt by selling off ourhouse at a throw-away price. NowI, along with my mother and younger brother, was on the streetsandforced intobeggingin order to survive,” says Anusha

Unable to bear the humiliating life, the family tried to commit suicide but “even this plan of ours failed and we had to continue living in penury,” laments Anusha. But destiny was not finished with them – yet! Anusha’s brother could not stand it any more and made another attempt on his life by consuming poison, alas this time he was successful!

garment worker

“To say that the future was bleak would be an understatement, in fact there seemed to be no tomorrow for me or my mother after losing two members of our family,” she says. Devastated beyond imagination, her mother also took to bed while Anusha, hardly 16 years old at the time,picked herself up, decided to drop out of school and went about looking for work. “But work eluded me just like everything nice,” said Anushawith great chagrin.

Fate Smiles

Finally after tremendous efforts, Anusha landed a job at a garment factory in another village, Somanahalli, and the  mother-daughter duo shifted there. “Well-off people of this village came to our aid by providing us space for a house while the government helped us in building the house.” She continues with a renewed determination, “Today I am capable of earning my livelihood and providing a respectable life to my mother. But I can see amuch better tomorrow on the horizon and my struggles will end the day it arrives!”

Dear readers, this is just one story but all of us  know that there are thousands of Anusha’sout there striving  to make a life for themselves, they will probably remain unsung and unknown and that is why we are exploring even the remote corners of the country to highlight as many anonymous heroes as possible!

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