Weekly Horoscope (29.01.2018 to 04.02.2018)

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Vivek Arora

  Aries: This week you may get mixed results. You will get support from your spouse. The chances of getting the money in business are low. Jobseeker this week would be a bit burdened for you. Do not start with any new work on 31st. It is auspicious to wear red colour this week.

Taurus: With more work this week, the family will spend less time together. This week is very auspicious from the perspective of students’ study. Please refrain from eating and drinking unhealthy stuff. Starting with any new work on the 3rd would be beneficial.

Gemini: Avoid negative thoughts this week. This week is good by the business perspective as new opportunities are on the way. An old friend will meet for a long time. If possible, offer the first bread to an animal and drink cow milk. Starting with any new work on the 30th might be beneficial.

Cancer: Family happiness is on the way this week. Please devote this week on children’s education. Reduce tea consumption this week. Donate blue clothes this week. There are possibilities of dental problems. If you have to start a new job, taking advice from some old friend will be beneficial.

  Leo: This week your energy level will be high. Donating old clothes might be beneficial. You might achieve success in the field of business. This week is auspicious for buying properties. If you are planning to keep a tenant then this week is auspicious.

Virgo:  If you keep trying, success is definite. Investment in the field of trade will be fruitful. If you are planning to buy any new machinery then 2nd is perfect. Try keeping a green handkerchief with you.

Libra: This week is not good from the Health Perspective. There may be a big concern regarding a senior member of the house. Do nothing emotionally. Do not do any new work on 30th and 31st. If possible, pay attention to meditation.

Scorpio: You might be involved in unnecessary work this week. Worshiping the rising sun might be helpful. Concerns about the child’s side can be big. It will be beneficial to put a red auspicious mark on the forehead. Avoid doing any new work on 31st or 1st.

Sagittarius: Progress on the job front is on your way this week. The merchants will get mixed results, money inflow might be less. This week will be good from the health perspective. Start with any new work on the 4th.  

Capricorn: Avoid travelling this week. The lesser you meet new people, the more beneficial it’d be. There are chances of foot ache. Focus a little on meditation and yoga. Consuming black sesame seeds, it will be good for health.

Aquarius: Serving and spending time with the elderly at an old age home might be beneficial. Do not try to get more involved in family matters this week. Reduce your expenses. Drive the vehicle carefully. Do not start any new work on the 29th , 30th , 31st .

Pisces: There would be no change on the work front. You’d be having a happy mind along this week. You might meet some dignitaries from the  society. It’s a good time to go on a trip with the family. Any work started on the 3rd would be successful.


Leos, this week is auspicious for buying a new vehicle.

All who have been planning to buy a new vehicle, this week is the best time. All those who are into real estate business bringing a new vehicle home will be auspicious.






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