Vegetarianism on the rise in Europe

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  • Research reveals that in the past four years there has been a high rise in the percentage of population going meatless
  • People are fetching alternative vegetarian food


According to  Anatomy meat is not the natural food for humans. Homo sapiens have a body structure of a vegetarian organism. It is obvious that if a person eats a diet unlike his original nature it is bound to harm the body. Famous anthropologist Heng says that vegetarian food is the real source of strength, Non-veg food only stimulates the body and makes a person more aggressive. This probably is the reason, Europeans are moving towards vegetarian food. A recent research reveals that there has been a 451 % rise in the population turning vegetarian. Unlike Europe, India has witnessed a rise in the percentage of the meat-eating population. A report by Dharmendra Tripathi.   

Researchers of Transition Paths to Sustainable Legume-based Systems in Europe (TRUE) have found in a new study that the consumption of grains such as beans, lentils or soybean products has increased by 39% in Europe. Although this rise in the percentage has not been similar throughout the continent. The vegan trend is more visible in Western Europe.

Joao Ferreira, a student of the Portuguese University, said that most of the legume products (19%) have been launched in the United Kingdom, followed by France (14%) and Germany (13%) at number three.

According to a new research, there has been an unexpected increase of 451% in the popularity of the substitutes for meat products. Researchers have also reported rise in the use of vegetarian products, 196% and 73% increase in the use of gluten-free products.

The chief author of this research, Karla Tiksira, says, “If we talk about the products categorically, the most startling growth was witnessed in the consumption of substitutes for meat(451%). At the same time, 295%  rise in the use of pasta and  128 % rise in the use of legume-based snacks was noticed”.

This growth in the market is not just limited to the quantity of products, but many new products have also come to the market. Researchers have certified that 27,058 new products have been launched in the worldwide markets. Today ethical consumerism is becoming a growing concern for a large number of consumers, who want to improve their health and reduce the side effects of the environmental factors.

According to the report, during this time consumers’ likes and preferences changed. Though among legumes green beans were the most popular by the middle of the year 2017, its total share had declined by 23% in comparison to gram and lentils, which recorded a rise of 47% and 8% respectively.

These results of research reveal that these trends are encouraging. In fact, the legumes are more nutritious than meat, which is also better for your health as well as the environment. The use of legumes reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Their preparation requires less energy and water than meat. If you do not eat meat, you can improve your health by increasing the number of legumes in your diet.

According to research, there was a gradual decline witnessed in the consumption of animals. The consumption of beef and pig has now shifted to poultry, which shows a little improvement in terms of environment and health.

Non-vegetarians on the rise in India

According to a survey conducted in India regarding people’s preferences of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, it was found that 70%  of Indians consume non-vegetarian food. This survey was conducted in 2014 in 21 states on behalf of ‘Registrar General of India’. The survey was conducted on individuals, who were 15 years or above in age. 98.8 percent of men and 98.6 percent of the female carcasses were in the survey. Figures show that the percentage of non-meat-eaters in the country has dropped slightly compared to 2004. In 2004 it was 75 percent, which was 71 percent in 2014.

Telangana tops the list of highest meat consuming state: In the survey, Telangana has been described as the highest meat consuming state in the country. About 99 percent of the people eat meat there. After Telangana, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Kerala are number one, even these states have higher consumption of meat.

Major non-vegetarian states

Telangana – 98.70

West Bengal – 98.55

Andhra Pradesh – 98.25

Tamil Nadu – 97.65

Odisha – 97.35

Rajasthan tops the list in vegetarian food consumption: Talk of vegetarian states and Rajasthan is at number one. After that comes Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. Interestingly, only 33 percent of the people in Punjab prefer non-vegetarian food. In Madhya Pradesh, the number of vegetarians and non-vegetarians is almost equal, whereas in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh many people are interested in eating non-vegetarian food.

Major vegetarian states.

Rajasthan – 74.90

Haryana – 69.25

Punjab– 66.75

Gujrat– 60.95

Madhya Pradesh– 50.60

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