Only 85 per 100 People Literate in the World

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The basic aim of every Government is to provide adequate education to all its citizens. In the year 1820, 88 out of the 100 people in the world were illiterate. In almost 200 years the literacy rate has improved but still the results are not 100 percent. In the year 2014, 85 out of 100 people in the world were literate. The rate of literacy is improving but at a very slow pace.

The distinction between male and female literacy rate is shocking. 90% of the male population in the world is literate but only 82.7% of the female population is literate, which is a topic of concern. The most illiterate countries in World are Afghanistan, Belize, Niger, South Sudan. India is also not at a very respectable position in the context of literacy rate. Only 72.1% of Indian population is literate and the majority of them being males. 80.9% of male population is literate in comparison to only 62.8% of female population being literate.

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