A cut-off leg offered as a pillow to a patient in Jhansi

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In a revealing incident about the state of medical care in Uttar Pradesh, the doctors allegedly put the amputated leg of the patient as a pillow under his head.

The incident took place in a government medical college in state’s Jhansi town.

The incident came to light when a video, showing the amputated leg under the head of the injured man, was aired by local TV networks. The man, heavily bandaged around the leg, could be seen on a stretcher inside the casualty ward of the hospital with the ‘leg’ placed under his head.

The man, who was a cleaner in a school bus, was injured when the bus carrying children of a private school turned turtle in a bid to avoid a collision with a tractor in Mauranipur area in Jhansi district on Saturday.

He was taken to the Jhansi medical college hospital, where the doctors amputated his leg to prevent the infection from spreading, according to sources. The hospital officials, however, denied that the amputated leg had been used as a pillow but added that a probe had been ordered into the matter.

It is still not sure how the leg came to be in the room.

On February 7, there was another report of 46 people being infected by HIV due to usage of a common syringe by a quack in Unnao district’s Bangarmau village.

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