Ambient noise levels on the rise

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Besides having leading records for crime, Uttar Pradesh is marching ahead even in the noise pollution chart. Noise pollution is an environmental issue and its ill effects on the human health and environment are becoming evident with each passing day. A report by Smrity

According to the the monitoring report (2015) of  Central Pollution Control Board; the ambient noise levels in many cites specially  in major cities  like Delhi, Mumbai , Kolkata, Bangaluru etc. are much higher than the prescribed limits.Data collected by the regional office of Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) recently revealed even the silent zones are devoid of silence. The state capital Lucknow recorded high sound levels for both day and Night Time.

source: CPCB (monitoring report 2015); the prescribed limits of sound levels are 55 dB and 45 dB for day and night time respectively

According to the noise monitoring data of UPPCB (Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board) the noise levels recorded at different locations of Lucknow in day and night time are ranging between 65.8 to 72.1 and 56.3 to 63.3 dB respectively. Sadly all the recorded values were higher than the prescribed limits of 55 and 45 dB for day and night time.

Noise an unpleasant and unwanted sound is a physical form of pollution though not fatal to human life, yet its consequences cannot be overlooked. Repeated exposure to such pollution impacts productivity and concentration of an individual.  It impacts the peace of mind and invades the privacy of an individual.

High noise levels, especially during night time, pose a risk to the brain, as it doesn’t allow the brain to relax, hence concentration level and work efficiency of an individual is affected.Doctors and researchers state that noise released due to incessant honking and pressure horns hinders the rejuvenation of brain cells.  Increasing noise pollution is  a major cause of high blood pressure, stress and anxiety cases.

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