Attending crèche or daycare center can improve your Children Emotional and Social Health

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By- Mukta kaushik

London: The researchers found that youngsters who attended a crèche or a daycare center for a year or more are less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems later on in childhood and more likely to have better social skills.

Scientists from Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health in Paris tracked children’s emotional development from birth up to the age of eight. During this parents were asked a series of questions about their children’s behavioral and emotional problems at 3, five-and-a-half, and 8 years old, including difficulties in making friends, hyperactivity, poor attention, conduct and social skills.

They were also questioned about the type of childcare provided when the child was 4, 8 and 12 months old and again when they were 2 and 3 years old. It was found that 30% were looked after by childminders, while a 26% went to nursery, a crèche or day care center, and just under a 44% were cared for by family or friends. Analysis showed that those who received formal care were less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems, and more likely to have better social skills then those looked after by family or friends. Children cared for by the childminders were most prone to behavioral issues.

It was further revealed that children whose mother goes out for work or for any other reason and is in good mental health are most benefitted. The feeling that their child will be growing emotionally and socially at day care center would now provide solace to working mothers.

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