Banks to be closed for the next 3 days, ATMs may go dry again

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New Delhi: Bank customers throughout the country are alerted about an upcoming long weekend holiday for the banks. As per the latest buzz, banks will be closed for 3 days consecutively in most parts of the country. Further stated, banks will remain closed on April 28, which is the 4th Saturday of this month. Then 29th being a Sunday, the weekly off day for bank, and after that India celebrates Buddha Purnima on April 30, which is also a bank holiday. In addition to this, May 1 is International Workers’ Day or Labour Day, which is also a holiday in some Indian states.

While holidays on Saturday, Sunday and Monday are sure for sure, leave on Tuesday is under negotiable depending on the bank’s criteria.

This comes as a notice for all customers to wind up all their pending bank work by today itself. Although ATMs would be running as usual, banks claim that their management has been outsourced to third parties and does not depend on the particular banks, but it is advisable to finish your work in advance.

Earlier this month, several states all over India faced a little shortage of cash because of limited liquidity in the system and high withdrawals. States like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh faced the worst situation, with a number of ATMs going cashless. To handle the situation, banks were forced to bring in cash from Kerala and Maharashtra.

Reserve Bank of India, on the other hand, pressurised on the printing of currency notes to tide because of the crisis, without clarifying the exact cause of the sudden cash crunch.

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