Beware! dry eyes syndrome may lead to permanent loss of vision

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Lucknow: In this era of technology and modern gadgets none of us able to refrain ourselves from their usage. This dependence and inseparability with our beloved gadgets are leading to “dry eye syndrome”  which is a chronic and typically progressive condition. Depending on its causes and severity, it may or may not be completely curable. Using these gadgets for a long period is posing a serious threat. 

Patients growing worldwide

Without a mobile and laptop, our life would become redundant. The condition is that millions of patients are coming out of the world every year due to dried water. According to an estimate, there has been an increase in the number of patients having dry eyes, at the rate of 4.8 per cent from the year 2018 to 2024.

Dry eyes syndrome on the rise in Lucknow

There has been an increase in the patients of dry eyes in Lucknow. This causes the eyes to dry up and your eyes start burning and pricking.  More than 11000 patients complaining of such symptoms visit the government hospital in Lucknow every month. Among these patients, there are a lot of young children in addition to the youth.

Smart phone is a growing trouble

According to the doctors, due to the smartphone, the number of Dry Eyes patients has doubled in the last five years. About 40% of patients coming to KGMU’s eye diseases department are for Dry Eyes. There are a lot of children in them. According to the parents of the children, problems in the eyes of the children start because of playing games on a smartphone or laptop or watching TV continuously.

What is dry eye syndrome

Usually, eyelashes should blink 10 to 15 times in a minute, but due to mobile and computer, people do not even blink their eyes frequently. Blinking eyelids secretes water in the cornea of the eyes and the eyes remain wet, but the blinking do not dry up and the cornea starts drying, this condition is referred to as dry eye syndrome. According to doctors, if the dryness persists for a long time, then it causes ulcers in the eyes.

How to prevent dry eyes

  • Blink your eyelids 15 times in one minute.
  • If your eyes are pricking or burning then consult a specialist immediately
  • Sleep is complete, but if the eyes look heavy, then this is the symptom of the dryness.
  • Do not use mobile in the dark for a long time.
  • Watching the mobile continuously for half an hour, lowers the level of melatonin hormone in the eyes.

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