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Beware! Green Leafy Vegetables Can be Lethal

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  • If not washed and cooked properly worms affect the central nervous system
  • Worms found in green vegetables cause diseases of kidney, liver even epilepsy
  • Warm water essential for vegetable washing

Green leafy vegetables make one healthy but caution must be exercised in consuming them. Such vegetables may cause serious diseases of liver, kidney and even brain if they are not washed and cooked properly. A report by Dharmendra Tripathi of :  

Cultivation of vegetables and crops in sewage water is the reason for many diseases. Such water contains human faeces which lead to breeding of tapeworm. Tapeworm, when ingested, attaches itself to the walls of the intestines and hatches eggs which enter the blood stream and reach the brain causing cysticercoids. Not only tape worm but various other types of worms cling to vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, spinach etc. and enter our bodies.

Such worms also cause inflation of the brain tissue (meningitis). The condition is called Neurosarcoidosis says Dr. Hardeep Singh Malhotra, Neurologist, KGMU, Lucknow. He says that the most common cause of the disease is consuming unwashed raw vegetables (cauliflower, spinach, radish), and meat. Sometimes farmers use water from sewage for irrigation or they grow vegetables near the water discharge from factories which is highly contaminated and a breeding ground for worms and plethora of bacteria. The larva of worms enters the body and multiplies at a very fast rate in the intestine. Cysts affect the central nervous system and cause inflation of the nerves and sometimes even epilepsy. The patient might even suffer from permanent blindness in some cases.

CT scan or MRI necessary for detection

According to Dr. Hardeep, CT scan or MRI is necessary to diagnose the cause of disease. The treatment may involve even rain surgery.

Be Cautious to Save Life

Hot and humid conditions and dirty environment provide the conducive conditions for the worms, says Dr. Pankaj. He says that children, elderly and under nourished individuals are at much greater risk of these diseases. Raw vegetables, raw fruits, sprouted grains, salads, etc. should be consumed after proper washing. Raw meat and eggs should be avoided.

Use Warm Water for Washing

Dr. Shiv Kumar Mishra, Retired Medical Officer, Ayurveda College, Lucknow suggests that green leafy vegetables grown during the rainy season should be properly washed and cooked. These vegetables should be washed in warm water.

High-Temperature Cooking

Physician Dr. Ashutosh Dubey, says that all leafy vegetables should be washed in warm water. Besides, vegetables should be cooked at a high temperature.

Dos and Don’ts

  • All green vegetables must be washed thoroughly in running water and must be cooked at high temperature.
  • Leafy vegetables should not be consumed raw, especially in restaurants, parties etc.
  • Leafy vegetables should be avoided during monsoon season as in this season these worms multiply at high rates.

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