Bhopal gangrape done with ‘consent’, ‘will’, says trashed doctors’ report

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Bhopal: A red-faced Madhya Pradesh administration has served show-cause notices to two women doctors over the medical examination report of the Bhopal gangrape victim which said the sexual act was committed “with her consent and will”, officials said on Thursday.

At one place, the report prepared by the doctors of the Sultania Lady Hospital also termed the 19-year-old woman as an “accused” instead of “victim”.Notwithstanding the doctors’ claim of the errors having been committed “inadvertently”, the Bhopal divisional commissioner served notices to them.

According to police, the report, though containing the errors, confirmed that the woman was raped and injuries were found in her private parts.The woman was allegedly raped by four men for almost three hours near the railway tracks in Bhopal when she was returning home after attending a coaching class on October 31 night.

“The doctors had written in the examination report that physical relation was established ‘with her consent and will’.The report also mentioned the ‘victim’ as an ‘accused’ at one place,” Superintendent of Police, Bhopal Railway Division, Ruchi Vardhan Mishra said.

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