Chinese troops on guard near Sikkim, expands road in Doklam

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New Delhi: China has maintained a sizeable presence of its troops near the site of the Doklam standoff and has also started constructing a road in the area, just 10 km from the location of the last conflict.

The Doklam Plateau is claimed by both China and Bhutan as their territory. India backs Bhutan’s claim.According to sources, China has been gradually increasing its troop in the Doklam Plateau which could further escalate the current situation as India has reasons to be concerned over it.

Thwarted in its last attempt, China has now shifted its unused road construction material North and East of the standoff site.  the road construction workers brought into the area are accompanied by up to 500 soldiers. There is no indication that the soldiers will be permanently based in the area – the Chinese town of Yatung.

 however, said that 1,000 Chinese troops are still present on the plateau. An indication of tension between the two countries due to the presence of Chinese forces in the Chumbi Valley in the Doklam Plateau was also given by Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa on Thursday on the eve of Air Force Day.

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