Class 11 student kills junior in Vadodara, Gujarat

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VadodraThere has been a case in Vadodra similar to Haryana’s Pradyumna Murder case.  A 11th standard student from a school in Vadodara has  killed his junior.

What was the matter

According to news reports, there was some dispute between the class 11 student and the slain child. The accused student fired the junior student to death in the washroom and escaped. This incident has reminded us of  Haryana’s Pradyumna Murder case.

The Pradyumna Murder Case?

Pradyumna, who was studying in second class in Gurugram, Haryana, was also killed in the school’s washroom. The unfortunate incident took place in Rayan International School. The accused students wanted to postpone the semester examination which was soon approaching. Now the incident in Vadodara has reminded us of the Pradyumna Murder case. The accused student in Pradyumna murder case too was a class 11 student. The student was taken into custody by the CBI. Earlier, Gurugram police had accused a school bus conductor as the murderer, which later was proven wrong.

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