Aries, you needn’t blame yourself for anything wrong that happens; here’ s how the day would transcend

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  Aries: You may not know about it just yet, but someone’s resentment is taking on a life of its own from behind the scenes, and you may well be at the heart of the situation. But this doesn’t mean you caused it, or that you should feel guilty about it. You’re in control of what you do, not what others do. So when and if something that’s not quite fit for the public emerges, there’s no reason for you to feel accountable.

Taurus: Someone near and dear to your heart has been acting quite oddly. You’re not sure what’s up, but it doesn’t feel like a good thing. To make matters even more intense and even more puzzling, someone you’re not quite sure you trust will feel the need to tell you all about what they think is going on. Don’t shoot the messenger, but don’t take the message seriously yet, either.

Gemini: There’s a mixed bag of heavenly influences on duty at the moment, and they’re causing all kinds of emotions to arise. On the one hand, you’re feeling especially close to an elder or authority figure — someone who’s known for being cranky with just about everyone but you. On the other hand, you’re not quite sure who to trust — or if you can trust anyone at all. You know who your someone is. Find them, and start talking.

Cancer: Communication will be tricky for most of us now — especially the secretive kind — but not quite as much for you. Still, news you’re not relishing but are nonetheless expecting will be along shortly. If that’s the case, you’ve not only begun to expect it — you’ve probably also prepared yourself to deal with it. After all, think of how many times in the past you’ve answered the phone — without the benefit of Caller ID — and known exactly whose voice to expect.

  Leo: For quite a while now, you’ve been thinking about what to do about your relationship with a certain someone who tends to be a bit on the possessive side. Should you end it, slow it down or jump right in? The fact that you’re not sure is a statement in itself. You’re feeling serious about everything and you want a return on your efforts, so you may not want to end it just yet, but keep a careful eye on that jealousy thing.

Virgo: Your intellectual and verbal skills are always, always sharp — to say the very least. But at the moment, you should probably paste a warning label on your forehead, allowing anyone foolish enough to challenge you to a debate to back out while they still can. Once you’ve issued your disclaimer, though, if they’re not bright enough to step away from the situation, don’t feel bad about it. You can only do so much.

Libra: Keeping things lighthearted and pleasant is your astrological specialty, but it may not be such a piece of cake now. A family member who loves this kind of thing is deliberately stirring up trouble (and doing a fine job of it). Funny thing is, as good as you are at keeping the peace, you’re equally good at defending it. You won’t stand for this, and you shouldn’t. Let them know that you can only be pushed so far — and this happens to be the limit.

Scorpio: This may be tough astrological turf for some signs to travel, but you’ll undoubtedly do just fine with it. You’re no stranger to difficult terrain. In fact, you often secretly welcome the trek. Your partner or best bud may not be quite so enthusiastic about this challenge, but if anyone can talk someone — no, anyone — into seeing the positive that might come from the negative, it’s definitely you. Get busy.

Sagittarius: If there’s one thing you definitely don’t appreciate, it’s being manipulated. You can smell it a mile away, and spot the signs with your eyes closed. So when a loved one — probably a family member or long-term friend you’ve shared intimate secrets within the past — starts winding up, don’t just sit there. You already know what they’re up to. Give them your answer before they ask the question.

Capricorn: That secret you’ve been holding onto forever? The one you’ve been lugging around for what feels like most of your adult life? Someone has made it more difficult for you to keep that secret any longer. Besides, it’s your secret and only your secret — which makes it perfectly fair game for you to tell anyone and everyone. So when the questions come about, don’t feel as if the paparazzi are following you, and don’t feel bad about openly disclosing everything. Why hide what you’re not ashamed of?

Aquarius: Being asked for a favour is nothing new to you. You’re always available when a friend, family member or colleague calls, whether it’s a loan for the electric bill, a ride into work or a shoulder to cry on. You pride yourself on being a good and loyal friend and a hardworking compatriot, and there’s no reason to ever expect that to change. You may need to think for a second before you respond to this latest plea for help, though. It’s going to be a big one.

Pisces:  Everyone around you is in an absolutely foul mood. They’re either angry, depressed or depressed and angry — so you need to assemble some personal boundaries quickly. This doesn’t mean you should shut them out entirely, but you’d better think twice before you offer to do anything you can to help. They’ll undoubtedly take you up on it, and try to make you feel guilty for holding anything back. Think of this as a game of chess. Make a good opening move.

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