Get 100 times more oxygen through these artificial leaves

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Kolkata: The increasing number of multi-storeyed buildings indicate how the greenery is drifting away from our planet. The incessant cutting of trees has led to heavy loss and increased heat wave on the planet. Keeping in mind this huge challenge, 5 students of Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bengaluru, have created such a thing to save the earth, which is going to curb the pollution get big support for the environment despite the rising deforestation. 

What idea these IISC students come up with

The five students from IISC  namely Vishwajit Bhattacharya of Labpur , Shantanu Mukherjee of Kharagpur, Amit Kumar Simandadi of Rampur Haat, Arnabh Chakraborty  of Howrah and Gurprateep  a Research Scholar of Tamil Nadu under the guidance of Anshu Pandey have been successful in making artificial leaves.  All of them researched on the quantum leaf for artificial photosynthesis. 

How were the artificial leaves made:

The Researchers have prepared these artificial leaves with copper, aluminum, sulphate and zinc sulphide. According to them, the leaves of the trees absorb the red and blue rays from the sunlight through photosynthesis, and during this time, they carry a lot of oxygen with carbon dioxide. According to the researchers, sunlight has a lot of concentration of green rays, but leaves do not use green rays. Researchers have claimed that they have prepared artificial leaf, that are capable of carrying out the photosynthesis with the help of these green rays. 

100 times more oxygen!

Researchers are also claiming that the artificial leaves they have created will give them 100 times more oxygen than tree leaves. They say that artificial leaves will carry carbon dioxide. After that, it will turn into bio carbonate and in this process, there will be plenty of oxygen will be released. This research has been published in the journal named American Chemical Society.

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