Delhi Forensic lab gives confirmation in Kathua gang rape case

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The Special Investigative Team of Jammu and Kashmir Police once hit a road-block in the Kathua gang-rape case as the forensic evidence was not enough to prove charges against the accused. But now, the officials have now hit a forensic jackpot.

The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Police approached the Ministry of Home Affairs for assistance from the Delhi Forensic Lab. In the month of March, vaginal smear of the deceased eight-year-old, her clothes which were said to be washed by the accused, viscera, blood stained clay and simple clay were sent to the Delhi Forensic Lab.

Along with samples of the victim, blood samples of the accused police officers Deepak Khajuria and Shubham Sangra and Parvesh were also sent to the lab. In the first week of April, the Delhi Forensic Lab, in its report, confirmed the presence of blood stains of the accused on the clothes of the victim and this matched with the DNA profile of the victim.
The Delhi Forensic Lab successfully established the presence of the blood of the victim on the vaginal smears. The blood stains collected from the temple matched with blood of the eight-year-old Bakerwal girl, proving that she was indeed confined and raped inside the temple.

Delhi Forensic Lab report of the hair strand collected from the crime scene matched with the DNA profile of the accused Shubham Sangra.

The accused allegedly washed the clothes of the victim to destroy evidence, and when the same clothes were sent to the state forensic lab, no traces of blood were found on the clothes. This had made it difficult for the SIT to prove charges against the accused.

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