Don Munna Bajrangi killed in jail

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Bagpat: The dreaded don Prem Prakash Singh alias Munna Bajrangi has been shot dead at Bagpat Jail. He was brought from Jhansi jail just a day before for a muscle on Monday in connection with demanding ransom from former BSP legislator Lokesh Dikshit. On 29th June Bajrangi’s wife had requested for protection from CM Yogi Aditynath, expressing apprehensions regarding  her husband’s murder. 

Who killed Munna Bajrangi?

According to the jail officials, the prisoner, Sunil Rathi, imprisoned in jail, shot Munna Bajrangi. Munna Bajrangi died of bullet injuries. It is being said that Bajrangi and Sunil were kept in the same barrack. The UP government has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the murder. It is also being investigated as to how the gun reached the prison.

Mukhtar Ansari

Munna Bajrangi had stepped into the world of crime just since the age of 17. He first started with the gang of Mukhtar Ansari, but later got separated. It is said that his fame was going on with Mukhtar Ansari. Bajrangi was also accused of killing BJP legislator Krishnanand Rai. He was accused of killing 20 people. Bajrangi himself had admitted that he killed 20 people in a 40-year-old criminal career.

In 1984 he committed his first crime

Munna Bajrangi, was born in Jaunpur, and had a passion for arms. He wanted to be a big gangster. Because of this, he left his studies after 5th standard. Local Dabang Mafia Gajraj Singh of Jaunpur gave him protection. This was followed by the first murder committed by  Munna in 1984. The same was done by the  Jaunpur BJP leader Ramchandra Singh.

At the behest of Mukhtar Ansari, Bajrangi killed Krishnanand Rai

Don Mukhtar Ansari was a businessman of government contracts and collections from purvanchal. BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai had challenged Mukhtar, this instigated Mukhtar he was afraid and asked Munna Bajrangi to kill the MLA. Munna Bajrangi killed Krishnanand Rai on November 29, 2005.  He used an AK-47 for the murder.

A reward of Rs 7 lakhs was over Bajrangi

A reward of Rs. 7 lakh was deaclared over Munna Bajrangi.  Munna Bajrangi ran away to Mumbai and stayed for several years. In the meantime, I went abroad too. Dummy candidate from Ghazipur Lok Sabha seat, he tried to stand. In many states including UP, cases were registered against Munna Bajrangi. On October 29, 2009, Delhi Police had arrested Munna in a dramatic manner in the Malad area of Mumbai. Delhi Police had said that Munna Bajrangi was suspected to be involved in the murder of Delhi’s controversial encounter specialist Rajbir Singh, that’s why he was arrested. Since then, he was being kept in separate jails. During this period, cases of threatening and ransom of people from his prison were also exposed.

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