Educated But Unemployable in U.P.

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Kunnu Mishra of a remote village in Ballia in U.P. possesses a throughout ‘first class’ education right from High School to a PG degree. After waiting for more than a decade for a government job he has finally settled for the fact that he is not going to get any, he is 42 anyway. His younger brother Om has a similar story to tell.

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These are only two of the hoards of the younger lot for whom all their education hasn’t helped them attain their ultimate goal: a government job. Kunnu and others are among those have studied in their village or surrounding area. They have passed their U.P. board exams with flying colors and also graduation, post-graduation and even Ph.D. with excellence but they found themselves unemployable. For them, education doesn’t always mean jobs. In most of the cases this is because they are simply unemployable, a reflection of the quality of education and also the ease of passing examinations fright from schools to colleges. The situation is getting worse each passing year. This year 34 lac students have appeared in High school and over 26 lac students in the Intermediate exams of the U.P. Board.

  • Dr. Santosh Soni, who runs an education consultancy firm ‘Manasganga’ and also a placement agency, says that youth from U.P. Board background are most likely to fit in for unskilled or semi-skilled jobs in the private sector. He says that the basic reason is the lack of knowledge, information and skill in such youth. He adds that high percentage in High School or Intermediate exams of U.P. Board is looked upon suspiciously particularly if the exam has been passed from a rural area school.
  • A.K. Mishra who has been associated with placement cells for some corporates says that copying and cheating in U.P. Board exams has made a negative impact and hiring managers always look suspiciously at mark sheets bearing high percentages. This has also proved to be true as in interview or written examinations, such ‘brilliant’ students flunk very badly. He adds that it is not that every U.P. Board passed out is bad stuff but the problem is particularly serious in rural areas.
  • Dr R. Roychaudhray, a retired professor says that the burden of copying and cheating is bearing upon the economy of the state. As the number of unemployed or unemployable swell, that is bound to have financial bearings. She reasons that the youth resort to cheating and copying to score high marks which they think will help them in getting government jobs. Such youth or their parents, teachers or peers never ever encourage self-employment or employment in private sector. This is a complex issue and can only be changed with a long term strategy.
  • F.A. Abbasi, a marketing guru, laments that the situation is not being tackled in right earnest. He points out that scores of youth from rural areas migrate to other states in search of employment where they get only semi-skilled jobs. What is the contribution of such young human resource in economy of Uttar Pradesh, he wonders.
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  • U.P. has a literacy rate for males at 79.20% and 59.30% for the females. This is below the national average of 82.14% for men, 65.16% for women.
  • Gujarat has unemployment rate of 9 whereas the U.P. has a rate of 74. (Unemployment rate is number of unemployed per 1000 people)

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