Entire mankind can fit into a single sugar cube!

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New Delhi: Take 12 kg of bones, add 33 kg of muscles and 15 kg of fat mix it all up with 20 kg of organs. Now you have all the ‘ingredients’ required to build up the human body. It is said that our body is 60% water but the question is that where is all that water anyway and what exactly makes up the rest 40% of our body?

Is your body worth $160?

It might be surprising to you that all the chemical elements that make up your body are worth just about $160, since you’re mostly made up of oxygen.

What the biologists say

All of us have a different body type, some are tall some are short some old some young, some fit and some not so fit. According to Biologists we are made of around 100 trillion cells, which constantly keep replicating, dying and getting replaced with new ones. They also contain most of your body’s water. The cells in your body form all types of materials you are made of.

Bacteria inside your body

Many species of bacteria and other microorganisms live inside and outside of your body. Collectively, they weigh around 2 kg (4 lb). You needn’t worry coz’ not all bacteria are harmful, in fact most of these micro-organisms improve your immune system and even play a vital role in food digestion.

What the chemists say:

The chemists have a very different explanation to the question “what the human body is made of”. They probably would give you a list of chemical elements that build up the human body.

According to chemists an adult weighing 70kg have “seven billion billion billion” atoms. That’s a whole lot of atoms. Your body contains at least 60 chemical elements. The major chunk of which is oxygen and hydrogen forming H2O or water then comes carbon that forms all your organic compounds like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids and nitrogen, that builds up your DNA.

  • 99% of the mass of your body is made up of just 6 elements. Out of which, 65% is oxygen.

The entire human population can fit into a single sugar cube

Since all atoms are 99.9% empty space, technically, we’re made of nothing. If we somehow managed to remove all these empty spaces from our bodies, the entire human population would replace a single sugar cube.

Are we made of stardust?

All the elements which the human body is made of were once cooked up in the stars; they then travelled to Earth via comets billions of years ago and formed organic compounds which are the building blocks of all living things on our planet.

So if you desire to be a bit more poetic then you could say that you are made of stardust.

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