Ever thought why do we have eyebrows?

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The reason why we have eyebrows was originally to keep rain and sweat out of our eyes. We humans rely on our site more than any other sense, and with no eyebrows, water can get in and blur our vision. Eyebrows may also deflect debris and protects our eyes from the Sun. Homo-sapiens have gradually lost most of their body hair but the eyelashes and eyebrows remained constant.

As per the latest study, researchers claim that the modern human’s eyebrows are highly mobile that helps them communicate with others nonverbally. Since eyebrows provide no support to the jaw moment and neither perform any function as structural reinforcement for the skull, there is only one possible outcome of having eyebrows evolved by thick boney ridges which are of expressing emotions such as sympathy, empathy, dominance, and others as well as to communicate with unfamiliar clan of people nonverbally to prevent the group from being hostile.

But eyebrows then took on another function: communication. Facial expressions convey meaning and emotions in ways that are hard to fake, and the eyebrows exaggerate expressions. Even in cartoons, a simple line above the eyes is enough to denote anger, fear, or surprise in a face, and experiments have shown that we can recognise a familiar face more easily when the eyes are blanked out than when the eyebrows are.

So if you’re tempted to get your eyebrows on fleek with a pluck or shave, do remember their many uses, especially if you are going to replace them with a tattoo!



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