Haunted House: People of Sant Nagar are hearing horrifying voices

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New Delhi: In Delhi’s Sant nagar 11 people of a family had committed suicide a few days back. According to the localites, people are able to hear horrifying voices from the house at night. The condition is that people have stopped going through that area in the evening. The policemen too are keeping away from the place.

The kins of the family are terrified

The 11 members of the Bhatia family had hun themselves at their house situated at Sant Nagar in Burari. Now the local people are claiming to have heard strange voices from the house. These people are specifically those who knew the Bhatia family and their members met them every day. The people staying in the vicinity of the house are unable to sleep during the night. Other children studying with children of the Bhatias also seem to be terrified after the unfortunate event, they suddenly wake up from their sleep at night. People say that they have been hearing voices like Bachao-bachao from Bhatia’s house. 

The family wanted to liberate 5 souls!

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police  has claimed that the youngest son of the Bhati family was behind this whole fiasco. Lalit thought that the soul of his dead father came upon him after which he started writing instruction in a register. According to the register maintained by Lalit the police has come to know that not just the father but also the souls of 4 other people were roaming in the house.

What the Father’s soul said

A register was written on July 9, 2015, ‘Increase the speed of your improvement. Thank you that you are making efforts to liberate us. 5  more souls are wandering with me. If you improve yourself, then they too will get liberated. This will benefit everyone. You must be thinking that you would go to Haridwar perform all the rituals and we would be liberated. As I am wandering for salvation so are my other friends Sajjan Singh, Diamond, Dayanand and Ganga Devi. They also want your life to be on track through all the righteous things. If all or wishes are fulfilled then we all would return to our heavenly abode.

Also took refuge at a Tantric in Ujjain: 

The crime branch of Delhi Police is investigating about the mass suicide. Sources of Crime Branch say that about a year and a half ago Bhatia’s family members went to Ujjain. There, the family participated in some rituals with the help of Tantric in the Bhartruhari cave. When the Tantric sought millions of rupees from the family expressed inability to pay the huge amount. The Tantric had cursed the family to fall. After this, Lalit Bhatia returned to Delhi with family members and started worshipping all the deities after reaching home.

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