Dont throw away stale chapattis, these are boon for good health

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New Delhi. Chapatti a most common and popular Indian bread which is best known for its great health benefits. But these wheat chapatti gets much healthier when it gets stale. By knowing these amazing health benefits you would love to add stale chapattis to your everyday meal.

– Diabetic patients are mostly recommended to add stale chapattis in their morning breakfast meal along with a cup of milk. Which would help them to maintain their sugar level.

– People facing the problem of high blood pressure, acidity or other stomach related problems should have rancid chapatti along with a hot cup of milk in the morning.

– Stale chapatti also helps to maintain the body temperature.

–  As compare to freshly baked tava chapatti stale, chapattis hold more healthy bacteria which greatly benefits health.

–  After a gym workout, a cup of milk and stale chapattis would give you amazing health results

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