How do women checkout men, what do they notice first

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Women aren’t immune to the involuntary double-take when a good-looking stranger walks by. But what, exactly, catches her eye? Believe it or not, scientists have actually studied this.  Nowadays, the idea of attraction can be a lot tougher (or a lot easier) with the advent of technology and social media.

So here are some things that women will notice first when they meet a guy. Whether it be a set of rock-hard abs or a bright, even smile here, are some things that will catch a woman’s attention first. A recent study used an eye tracker to look at what parts of the male body that a woman would look at first. Researchers were then able to identify the parts of a man that most females notice first when looking at guys.

When in a beachwear

In a setting such as a beach or a pool where a man is only in his swimwear, then a woman’s glance will first go to his stomach or his abs. This may be terrific for the avid gym goer with a strict diet but have no fear because studies have shown that women who are seeking a long-term relationship would prefer a ‘dad bod’ over a fit body. After checking out his torso, most women will then look at his face and then at his shoulders and biceps. Surprisingly, researchers found that despite the lack of clothing, very few women will look at a man’s crotch.
When in Formals 
But in a less naked situation, such as out on the streets, a woman will notice a man’s eyes first. Then she will look at his smile before analyzing how tall he is. Researchers also noticed that women have a tendency to look at a man’s hands so be sure to keep them clean, trimmed and moisturized! Finally, a woman will notice a man’s style or his attire. While there isn’t a universal uniform for appealing to all women, the study showed that females preferred men who were confident over someone else who was timid and shy.

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