Do you know how to check fake currency?

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New Delhi: The news of fake currency is been widely circulated. Here are few facts which you need to keep in mind before accepting any Rs 500 note.

Fake note with RESURVE BANK OF INDIA written on the note

What are the flaws in Rs 500 note?
At the back of Rs 500 note. At the place of RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, you will find the major spelling flaws RESURVE BANK OF INDIA written. When the bank was considered, over this major flaws in the currency. Later after the identification of the note, it was immediately cancelled. The note was strikingly similar to the original currency. You should check the spelling before accepting the notes.

There are a few more tips which user can use to verify the currency.
– Green colour security thread has India, RBI and 2000 engraved. If you try folding a note from its edges you will notice the colour of thread changing.
– The watermark of Mahatma Gandhi is clearly visible on the real note, but in the fake notes, it does not look watermarked.
– On the left-hand side of the note, you would find a small dark colour box when you fold the note from those edges you will find a value of the note. but on fake currency, the box is slightly bigger than the original one.
-Value of note in Devanagari appears clearly written.
– The guarantee clause, the signature of the Governor of the Reserve Bank, the promissory clause and the RBI logo is on the right side of a note.
-The picture of Mahatma Gandhi, symbols of Ashoka pillar, bleed line and identity mark is rough for visually impaired people.
– In comparison to old notes, the orientation and position of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture are quite different.

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